As COVID-19 concerns fade, 65% of American travelers intend to take a leisure trip in the next six months


KANSAS CITY, MO (June 10, 2022) – Inflation, rising gas prices and other world events seem to be no match for the enduring allure of a vacation. According to the Portrait of American Travelers® research from MMGY Travel Intelligence released this week, 65% of U.S. travelers intend to take a leisure trip in the next six months despite obstacles present in today’s travel environment. Aggregating data collected from more than 4,500 respondents, the quarterly report examines the travel intentions and behaviors of U.S. adults.

“Even in the face of inflation and higher gas prices, most Americans are telling us they’re still eager to venture out this summer,” said Chris Davidson, EVP of MMGY Travel Intelligence. “Though we did observe some erosion in the travel intentions of Americans at the lower end of the income spectrum, spending intentions are up this quarter overall and COVID-19 has finally faded as a material barrier to travel.”

The rising cost of travel is now the most significant barrier to travel, eclipsing COVID-19 concerns for the first time. The survey concluded that gas prices will impact travel for nearly 8 in 10 active leisure travelers. However, it’s not expected that Americans will cancel their trips – they’re just more likely to travel closer to home (48%), decrease their spend on entertainment/shopping (35%) or make meals instead of eating out (30%). 

Other key findings from the Portrait of American Travelers® “Summer Edition” include: 

The perception of safety continues to improve domestically and internationally. According to the survey, the perceived safety of domestic travel is up 7 points from one year ago while international travel is up 12 points year over year.

Interest and likelihood to take an international trip has increased, finally returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Younger travelers, travelers with children and travelers with incomes of more than $100K are the groups most interested in traveling internationally during the next two years, and Europe and the Caribbean are the most popular destinations of interest.

In addition to overall traveler preferences and future intentions, the “Summer Edition” also contains special topics, including sections exploring road trips, family travel trends and important issues related to diversity, equity and inclusivity in travel. 

For more information about the insights from the study or to purchase a copy of the Portrait of American Travelers® “Summer Edition,” visit In addition to this quarterly series, MMGY Travel Intelligence will also debut several new studies later this year, capturing the preferences and behaviors in the segments of accessible, European and LGBTQ+ travel. 

About the 2022 Portrait of American Travelers®
MMGY Global’s Portrait of American Travelers® study provides an in-depth examination of the impact of the current economic environment, prevailing social values, and emerging travel habits, preferences and intentions of Americans. Now in its 32nd year, it is widely regarded as a leading barometer of travel trends and an essential tool for both the development and evolution of brand and marketing strategy. The travel trend information presented in this “Summer Edition” report was obtained from interviews with 4,557 U.S. adults in April 2022. The five generations of adults surveyed are Gen Zs (18–23), Millennials (24–39), Gen Xers (40–55), Boomers (56–74) and Silent/GIs (75+). This is the second of four quarterly reports to be released this year.

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