What’s In Store for MMGY Global Next Year


Quick, Quick Takes on Travel – V. 6

In this content series, MMGY Global colleagues from around the world shared their insights for the future of the travel and hospitality industry across niche segments and marketing channels. Let me build on what that means for MMGY Global and our partners in a new year ripe with opportunity.

From my earliest days with the company, I quickly learned that if we treated the strategic needs of our clients as our North Star, the needs of our business would naturally take care of themselves. While perhaps a bit Pollyanna, nearly 15 years later this focus has never led us astray.  

We’ve had a busy Q4 making two key acquisitions with Wagstaff and Origin. Trust this isn’t growth just for growth’s sake. Any strategic decision starts with the question … “What’s in it for our clients*?” 

If we can find a solid answer to that question, we hit the gas. So what is our answer to that question for 2023?

    1. Continuing to Expand Around the World
      Our clients have increasingly global needs from research and strategy to integrated planning and creative execution to measurement and optimization, in every major market. You can expect to hear more news from us about further international growth early next year.
    2. Stretching Our Industry Expertise
      Travel and hospitality are in our DNA, and that expertise is only growing stronger. What we have discovered is how highly specialized skill sets in culinary, wine and spirits, active lifestyle and other complementing areas lead to better work through a more holistic and strategic lens in every element of the travel experience.
    3. Focusing on Product Innovation
      It’s not all easy, but it also shouldn’t all be hard. We are focused on continuing to scale and productize unique MMGY Global solutions such as TriPs, ControlTower and Marketplace which streamline custom audience segmentation, large-scale cooperative advertising programs and digital experience tracking.
    4. Enhancing Access to Insights
      Research is the backbone of our business. We’ve learned over the past few years how much value to place on insights as it keeps us moving into uncharted territory. We know how quickly consumer behavior can change, so moving fast to make relevant and timely marketing and communications decisions is key. For this reason, we will be launching MMGY Intelligence Briefs for each of our major 2023 studies including the Portraits of the LGBTQ+ Travelers, U.S. & European Meetings & Conventions, two soon-to-be announced underrepresented traveler audiences and more. In addition, we are launching an Executive Dashboard in Q1 that will allow partners real-time access for  making decisions that lead to successful business outcomes.
    5. Attracting Specialized Talent
      Our walls are bursting at the seams with specialized talent. We offer clients every skill set across an integrated travel and hospitality practice, from strategists building long-term visions to business analysts dissecting campaign performance. We are working tirelessly to continue attracting the best talent in the world.

We’ve continued to innovate around our people with benefits and work programs that improve their work and lives. These include:

  • Mainstay Leave (paid sabbaticals)
  • Go Places With Us (reimbursable travel program that starts in year two of tenure)
  • Work From Anywhere Leave (a program that allows our employees to embody our values while they’re on the clock)

We know that the best way to serve our clients is to ensure their day-to-day teams are thriving. 

While we are all used to our share of curve balls, and we certainly expect 2023 to deliver a few, we are following our North Star into the new year – a global team full of optimism, fresh ideas and renewed energy to inspire people to go places.


*Includes existing, acquired and future client partners.

Katie Briscoe
MMGY Global