MMGY Global aligns organization to further its leadership role in global travel industry

MMGY Global announced an evolved values mission today along with the rollout of a new brand mark and naming convention. Over the last three years, the company has brought together eight best-in-class marketing communications brands that all specialize solely in travel and hospitality and support the company’s ethos to Inspire People to Go Places. Today marks another important milestone in the evolution of the company, enabling MMGY Global to further tell its story, reinforce its values as an integrated global company and create more clarity around the organization’s global structure.

MMGY Global’s new values mission is to encourage people to build a cultural bridge of understanding through travel experiences. In addition to marketing communications work for clients such as Costa Rica, Uber, Intrepid Travel and Brand USA, the firm’s recent work has included the support of global issues such as the empowerment of women in the tourism industry, prevention of human trafficking, promotion of sustainability and the power of tourism as an economic development tool.

As part of MMGY Global’s annual participation in World Travel Market and its own signature event Summit at London, the company has worked with the global nonprofit organization Just A Drop to provide clean water to communities throughout Africa. The organization also participates in and supports a variety of industry-related organizations including the HSMAI Foundation, Destinations International Foundation, The Intrepid Foundation and its own Go Do Good program, which offers MMGY Global employees the opportunity to travel and volunteer around the world.

We believe that travel serves as one of the world’s greatest platforms for global awareness, cultural acceptance, and diversity of thought and experiences. As such, we’ve aligned our organization to continue its advocacy for the tourism industry across the globe,” said Clayton Reid, CEO of MMGY Global.

MMGY Global’s New Brand Identity Platform
Recognizing the organization’s position as a world-class leader in travel and hospitality marketing, a new brand mark has been developed that was inspired by the earth’s axial tilt of 23.5 degrees. No matter where you are in the world, we all revolve around one axis. While celebrating the unique service offerings and cultures of each of its individual brands, travel is the one axis around which each of MMGY Global’s offices, team members and partners revolve. The angle of the “Y” and the right corner of the new logo mark symbolize the overall organization’s focus on travel.

MMGY Global’s New Naming Convention
As part of the rollout, a new naming convention will create a direct link between MMGY Global and each of the company’s marketing communications brands. This reflects increased continuity in the way the firm integrates its 400-plus employees across 10 global offices. Each of MMGY Global’s brands will now be referred to as:

MMGY (Flagship integrated marketing communications agency)
MMGY Digital Spring (European content and media services firm)
MMGY Grifco (UK-based international luxury travel and lifestyle PR)
MMGY Hills Balfour (Public relations and marketing communications with offices in Europe and the Middle East)
MMGY Myriad (International destination representation in North America)
MMGY NJF (North American PR, social and experiential marketing)
MMGY Ophir (UK-based travel, hospitality and lifestyle PR)
MMGY Travel Intelligence formerly DK Shifflet (Research, data and insights exclusively for the travel and tourism industry)

Watch it unfold here.