Our Commitment to Promoting Diversity in Travel


Our Commitment to Promoting Diversity in Travel

MMGY Global recognizes its position as a leader in the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry.  We are committed to lending our voice, our reach, and the work that results from our partnerships to better reflect the true diversity of our communities. “Inspiring People To Go Places” is more than a mantra; it is a commitment to ensure that the equitable promotion of communities, no matter their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender affiliation, and ability is a priority. 

Our Approach to Diversity in Travel and Hospitality: A Focus on Data and Insights

MMGY Global continues to lead as a purveyor of primary research in North America and across the world. MMGY Travel Intelligence, the company’s research and insights division, maintains one of the most comprehensive databases of leisure and business travelers anywhere, helping hundreds of destination, hospitality and travel brands power strategic, data-driven marketing campaigns. MMGY NextFactor, the premier strategic planning firm focused on destination development, guides C-suite destination decision-makers globally in enacting change and openly discussing how the industry moves forward.

Through a renewed focus on the development of Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous and LGBTQIA+ traveler studies and reports, including alliances with prominent advocacy groups for these groups, MMGY Global is enriching and promoting a deeper understanding of travelers across all communities. 

Just Announced, The Black Traveler: Insights, Opportunities & Priorities report is the first in a series of MMGY Travel Intelligence market research studies to be informed by diverse travel advocacy organizations to better identify the needs, behaviors and sentiment of underrepresented travel communities. Featuring a combined sample size of 8,500 Black individuals, it is the most extensive travel research conducted of the Black traveling community.

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MMGY Global’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DEI)

MMGY Global’s DEI program works to fulfill the company’s value of inclusivity by focusing on four priority areas. Employees from around the globe volunteer to participate in and contribute to the DEI Council and to help reach and measure the objectives of each of the focus areas.

The group is led by agency leadership reflecting diverse backgrounds. 

Katie Briscoe, President, MMGY Global


Danny Guerrero, VP, North America Strategy & GM, Los Angeles, MMGY Global


Lorraine Rios, Vice President, Human Resources, MMGY Global


Recruitment, Education and Career Empowerment Group

This group focuses on industry workforce development initiatives, external recruitment, workforce benchmarking, associate education, and career development practices for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) candidates and current team members in an effort to improve MMGY Global’s retention and promotion of diverse candidates to succeed in all ranks, including management, executive and advisory roles.  The development of educational resources support a more inclusive organization and empowers the development of diversity and allyship workgroups and employee-led efforts.

Insights, Promotion & Thought Leadership Group

Focusing on generating diversity in the industry as travel advocate as well as creating positive travel narratives, this group shares insights to drive thought leadership platforms in favor of a more diverse and inclusive travel and hospitality industry.

Integrated Marketing Practice Group

This group focuses on the utilization of diverse traveler data and insights to inform accurate and diverse audience segments, communications strategies, media tactics and creative planning considerations to promote and advocate for a more inclusive integrated travel marketing industry.

Public Relations & Social Practice Group

With a focus on improving the equity of people of color in public relations and social media campaigns on behalf of agency initiatives and partner client campaigns, this group maximizes relationships with freelance journalists, content creators and influencers of color through global PR, social and communications practices in an effort to advocate for the improvement of diversity among the ranks of publishers and media companies worldwide.

For more information on MMGY Global’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion initiatives, diversity research, or for collaborations, please contact Danny Guerrero, VP, North America Strategy, Co-Chair, DEI Council at dguerrero@mmgyglobal.com.