Kansas City, MO (May 17, 2021) – MMGY Global announced today it will conduct a first-of-its-kind study to identify the needs, concerns and behaviors of Latinx travelers in the United States in order to provide a better understanding of this growing population and the diverse needs of its communities. The study, titled Latinx U.S. Travelers: Observations and Insights on Themes of Diaspora and Intersectionality, marks the company’s second in-depth research program focused on underrepresented travelers in support of the company’s focus on inclusivity as a core value. These research efforts are conducted also to support MMGY Global’s own clients with useful data on evolving demographics and shifting cultural sentiment in the United States and across the globe. 

Latinx is a gender-neutral term used to describe people who are of Latin American heritage. It encompasses many races and ethnicities, thus this study will be examining how intersectionality (the complex, cumulative way in which identities combine, overlap or intersect) and diaspora (living far from ancestral homelands) shape the needs, concerns and behaviors of these travelers. 

“We are committed to fostering a more inclusive travel and tourism industry,” said Clayton Reid, CEO of MMGY Global. “All indicators point to the Latinx community growing further and shifting its (or their) consumer demand trends. This research will help marketers and travel providers more thoughtfully approach how they communicate with Latinx travelers and tailor products and services to their specific needs. It is crucial to observe insights around identity that have not yet been evaluated in our industry.”

This study is the second in a series of custom research reports deployed by MMGY Global’s research and insights division, MMGY Travel Intelligence. The first, The Black Traveler: Insights, Opportunities & Priorities, was completed in January 2021 and communicated the value of Black travelers in the U.S. who spend over $129 billion in travel annually while revealing narratives around lack of feeling safe or welcomed and also a strong intent to travel among Black leisure travelers and meeting professionals. Over US$100,000 has been raised for the nonprofit partners involved with the study, and two grant programs have been established to support Black travel advocates. 

MMGY Global and its supporting sponsors – NYC & Company, Los Angeles Tourism, Tripadvisor, Discover Puerto Rico, Hilton, Travel Oregon and Destination Cleveland – are proud to share that MMGY Global will donate 100% off its total profits from sales of the report to nonprofit study partner Travel Unity. Travel Unity’s mission is to make the world of travel welcoming to people of all backgrounds and abilities. As part of its holistic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), Travel Unity advocates for Latinx communities, including exposing talented youth from underrepresented communities in the U.S. to career paths and other opportunities in travel.

In order to ensure the integrity of the study, a steering committee of travel industry professionals from Latinx and other diverse backgrounds have volunteered to help guide and inform the survey through their voluntary contribution of time and perspectives. Professionals represent travel brands including LATAM Airlines, AMResorts (a division of Apple Leisure Group), Hilton, Ensemble Travel Group and Destinations International, to name a few. MMGY Global’s Danny Guerrero, VP of North America Strategy, and Travel Unity members Roni Weiss, Executive Director, and Jeannette Ceja, Vice President of Travel Unity’s Board of Directors, will serve as Study Co-Chairs. 

“As a Latina travel journalist who is on the Board of Directors at Travel Unity, I cannot express enough how much this study is needed to shed more light on the Latinx community,” said Jeannette Ceja. “People will come away with an understanding that we are not a monolithic group – not one singular voice and behavior – and that we contribute a great deal as members of both the traveling public and the travel industry. It is an honor to be a part of this movement for Latinx travelers.”

The study will be available for purchase this Summer and will include the following elements:

  • MMGY Global’s Shifflet TRAVEL PERFORMANCE/MonitorTM data profiling Latinx leisure travelers within the United States
  • The development of an accurate measure of Latinx traveler travel spending power 
  • Custom survey data analyzing the current opinions and attitudes of 3,000 active Latinx leisure travelers in the U.S. who represent different regions across the country and correspond to the diverse nationalities represented by this audience. 

 For more information or to express interest in purchasing the report, please contact Danny Guerrero, Study Project Lead, at

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