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Traveler Profiles & Trend Reports

MMGY Global’s recent acquisition of DK Shifflet provides our clients direct access to valuable new insights, such as DK Shifflet’s Traveler Profiles and Trend Reports. With this new data, alongside our annual Portrait of American Travelers® study and travelhorizons™ quarterly report, MMGY can predict and measure preferences, behaviors and decisions of American travelers better than ever before.

Traveler Profiles

DK Shifflet’s TRAVEL PERFORMANCE/MonitorSM profiles provide travel characteristics of visitors to a client’s destination, lodging chain or other travel-related business. These profiles include data on who the traveler is, where they come from, where they stay, what they do, how much they spend and what they think of a particular destination or property.

Learn more about DK Shifflet’s TRAVEL PERFORMANCE/MonitorSM profiles.

Trend Reports

DK Shifflet’s Trend Reports provide a critical understanding of the state of the travel industry as well as insights on upcoming trends. Trend Reports are created through the analyses of 12 surveys each year, with over 50,000 households contacted for each month of the year.

Learn more about DK Shifflet’s Trend Reports.


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