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We help you communicate in the most compelling way.

Whether your stories are large or small, we make impactful videos to share them. We write, shoot and edit in-house. This lets us work fast and within different budgets, so you get content that shares a story worth watching.

The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

Five travelers equipped with Google Glass were invited to The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. With the help of the hands-free capture and share technology, our explorers found their islands and shared them instantly. 

St. Johns

To highlight two landmark anniversaries – Florida’s 500th and St. Augustine’s 450th – we brought back a Spanish explorer to reexamine his domain. A full cast and crew captured the humor as the conquistador adapted to centuries of change.  

South Dakota

What happened when the four Mount Rushmore presidents became smitten with Lady Liberty? We launched a monumental mission to win her love. Our production team followed the heart-shaped hijinks throughout the streets of Manhattan. 


After upgrading its Chicago to Frankfurt route, Lufthansa sent a flight attendant to upgrade experiences all over the Windy City. Hidden cameras and an adaptable crew helped capture the reactions of upgrades for this social media and content campaign. 


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