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What’s New in Social Media: October 2017 Edition

Danielle Stine

It's difficult to stay up to speed when the social media landscape is constantly shifting and shaping – we get it! That's why we provide our partners with a This Week in Social Media (TWISM) e-newsletter. We highlight the biggest changes in social media weekly and share these updates and insights with our partners and internal teams. We’ve compiled the best of the best TWISMs (so you don't have to!) and share them with you in What's New in Social Media: October 2017 Edition.

  • Instagram Releases Instagram Stories Polls: Mimicking Polly's popular multiple-choice polling feature recently released in Snapchat, Instagram released its own polling feature within Stories on October 3. Now, "just like adding a location sticker, you can add a two-answer poll on top of your Stories that friends can answer with a tap." Instagram lets you write your question and answer options, allowing friends to see the poll results as soon as they answer. This new feature will help Instagram continue to compete with Snapchat as they make Stories more interactive. 
  • Facebook Tests Putting the “Face” in Account Recovery: Facebook confirmed that it is testing facial recognition as a means of account recovery. This optional feature is available only on devices you’ve already used to log in. It is another step, alongside two-factor authentication via SMS, that Facebook is taking to make sure that account owners can confirm their identities.
  • LinkedIn Is Adding Snapchat-Like Geofilters for Conferences and Events: As part of their new native video tools, LinkedIn is giving conference attendees the opportunity to add dedicated event frames to the videos they create while attending such functions. As reported by Mashable, the overlays, which are designed to look like conference badges, are location-activated (similar to Snapchat’s Geofilters), so they can only be used while attending the relevant events. The event overlays provide another way to help promote events and generate interest, which could not only help boost engagement on platform, but could also help make LinkedIn the network of choice for posting such updates.
  • Twitter Is Finally Building a Bookmark Feature So You Can Save Tweets for Later: The company is still in the process of creating the feature, but a video of the prototype shows a drop-down menu added to an individual tweets. If you click "Add to Bookmarks", you can save that tweet. Until now, most people liked any tweet they wanted to save for later, but a common complaint was that it was hard to tell the difference between someone liking something because they approved of it, or simply because they wanted to read that tweet later.  
  • Facebook Is Testing Out Image-Based Search for Related Products: Facebook is testing out a new tool that would enable users to search objects in Facebook's Marketplace via an image. This aligns with Facebook's ongoing development of their image-recognition AI, which Facebook has used in the past to identify and remove objectionable content. Advanced image recognition could give the platform the upper hand in a range of search functions. 
  • Twitter's New Video Website Card Ad Format Uses Video to Push Link Clicks: On Tuesday, the company unveiled the Video Website Card, a new ad format that pairs an autoplay video with a website link. The ad format is now available for campaigns bought using one of three campaign objectives: video views, website clicks or awareness.
  • Facebook Goes Retro with Its Test of Text-Only Temporary Profile Status Updates: Facebook is testing temporary profile status updates of up to 101 characters. Users will be able to set an expiration date and choose whether or not it appears in their news feed or only on their profile.
  • Brands of All Sizes Can Now Run Search Ads on Pinterest: The social network introduced search targeting via keyword campaigns and shopping campaigns for select brands in January. Pinterest announced today that its Search Ads are now available to advertisers of all sizes via its Ads Manager. 
  • Facebook Moving Non-Promoted Posts Out of News Feed in Trial: Facebook is testing a major change that would shift non-promoted posts out of its news feed, a move that could be catastrophic for publishers relying on the social network for their audience. 
  • LinkedIn May Be Your Next Binge-Watch Portal: In a Q&A with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner at The Information’s Subscriber Summit in San Francisco, it was stated that original video content was something the networking platform had been open to. It was noted that shows such as reality TV hit “Shark Tank” could resonate with LinkedIn users.
  • Snapchat Dangles Referral Traffic with Link Sharing from Other Apps: In an update to Snapchat's iOS app this week, Snap begin rolling out two new features. You can now share links from other apps via the iOS share sheet, allowing users to send private messages with the link to one or several people. Additionally, you can now opt to hide in "Ghost Mode" for 3 or 24 hours, rather than just turning live location sharing on or off permanently. 
  • All Instagram Users Can Now Invite Friends to Join in Live Videos: The new feature was rolled out to all users on Tuesday in tandem with Instagram version 20 for iOS and Android. Users with the updated app will see a new icon on the bottom-right corner of their screen, which enables them to invite friends to Instagram Live sessions. As with prior Instagram Live videos, users can add the finished broadcast to their Stories or delete them.

Stay tuned for next month’s updates!

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