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What’s New in Social Media: November 2017 Edition

Mackenzie Davidson

It's difficult to stay up to speed when the social media landscape is constantly shifting and shaping – we get it! That's why we provide our partners with a This Week in Social Media (TWISM) e-newsletter. We highlight the biggest changes in social media weekly and share these updates and insights with our partners and internal teams. We’ve compiled the best of the best TWISMs (so you don't have to!) and share them with you in What's New in Social Media: November 2017 Edition.

  • Facebook Announces New Ad Transparency Options Amidst Ongoing Investigation: Similar to Twitter’s approach, Facebook is looking to provide a new way for users to see all ads any business is running on the platform at any given time, with a new “View Ads” option to be added to Pages [...] The option effectively puts an end to “dark posts,” which are promoted posts that are shown to the specific target audience, yet don’t appear on the advertisers' actual pages, making them invisible to those not targeted.
  • Two New Tools Will Enable Facebook Advertisers to Fine-Tune Their Campaigns: Facebook introduced two new ways for brands to optimize their future campaigns: creative split testing and Test and Learn. Creative split test enables advertisers to A/B test different ad formats, visuals, headlines and calls to action. Test and Learn allows advertisers to ask specific questions and receive information on which test they should run. 
  • More Brands Will Be Able to Send Sponsored Messages on Facebook Messenger: Facebook announced in a Facebook Business blog post that more businesses will be able to send sponsored messages in threads with users they have already communicated with, adding that the feature should roll out to all advertisers "in the coming months." Furthermore, the social network shared sponsored messages success stories from Qantas, which saw a click-through rate 4.5 times higher than Facebook link ads during a five-day campaign, and apparel brand Love Your Melon, which carved out a 14-times return on ad spend from its sponsored messages campaign.
  • Snapchat Finally Lets Advertisers Use Pixels to Track Ad Results and Eventually Retarget: Snapchat ads are about to get more targeted. Snapchat is giving its advertisers the ability to employ a pixel. By putting a pixel on their websites, brands can then measure when a person saw their ads somewhere else in the digital ecosystem. 
  • Welcome to a World with 280-Character Tweets: Twitter has doubled the number of characters users can include in tweets. Most tweets will now be able to fit 280 characters, up from the previous 140. The new character length will not apply to Japanese-, Chinese- or Korean-language tweets, as those languages can already convey twice as much information in less space.
  • Instagram Is Expanding Access to Branded Content Tags: More brands and creators on Instagram can now gain access to the branded content tool it first introduced in June. Instagram users with high levels of engagement and access to insights will now have the tool available to them. Should any posts from new creators run afoul of its branded content policy, those creators will receive in-application notifications, which will enable them to tag businesses, making the nature of the relationship more transparent for the community.​​​​​​
  • Older Photos and Videos Can Now Be Added to Instagram Stories: Instagram will now allow all photos and videos from users' camera rolls to be added to Instagram Stories. The platform will automatically suggest a new sticker to add context on when older photos and videos were taken, and users can resize, rotate or remove the sticker altogether before sharing the Story. 
  • Facebook Is Adding Some New Poll Presentation Options, Including GIFs: A month after adding a new audience polling option to Instagram Stories, parent company Facebook is now also adding a new poll option, with all profiles and Pages now able to add GIFs and images in their Facebook polls to add visual interest.
  • Instagram Tests a New Option for Users to Follow Specific Hashtags: Instagram is now letting some users follow hashtags, in addition to profiles, placing tagged posts directly to the home feed. If rolled out to all users, marketers could advise followers to not only follow a brand, but also to follow brand hashtags to help build community and encourage engagement. 
  • Facebook Launches Creator App for Live Broadcasts: Facebook launches Facebook Creator, offering influencers a Live Creative Kit for adding intros and outros to broadcasts, a unified inbox of Facebook and Instagram comments, plus Messenger chats, cross-posting to Twitter and expansive analytics.
  • Instagram Users Can Now Ask to Join Their Friends' Live Videos: Users can now join friends' Instagram Live videos, as long as the host agrees. Guests can be removed at any time.
  • Snapchat's Redesign Separates All Communication with Friends from Professionally Produced Content: The biggest redesign in the app's six-year history features a new kind of algorithmically sorted feed. Instead of showing posts from friends alongside content from professional publishers like Facebook, the new Snapchat separates all interactions with friends in a section of the app to the left of the camera, including messaging threads and Stories.

Stay tuned for next month’s updates!

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