Travel Consul Launches First Marketing Summit in Malaga, Spain


As a member of the Travel Consul alliance, MMGY Global maintains a partnership with 15 marketing agencies across the globe – all specializing in the travel and tourism industry. This October, that collective knowledge and experience was showcased on a global stage in Malaga, Spain, as the network hosted its first marketing summit.

Tackling topics like data segmentation, sustainable tourism and the shifting consumer purchase path, the event hosted more than 300 industry marketers, trade media and tour operators for two days of collaboration and insight. Here, you can learn more about the summit and its content.

Our Travel Consul network is an international travel marketing alliance consisting of advertising, brand strategy, PR, digital, media and marketing firms spread across the globe – all specializing in travel. Collectively, it’s our goal to make it easier than ever to market your brand beyond your borders and across oceans.