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The Continuing Evolution of TripAdvisor

Clayton Reid

Martin Verdon-Roe is VP, Global Display for TripAdvisor. Martin leads the display team that builds relationships with global brands, allowing them to take advantage of TripAdvisor’s growing and evolving influence in travel markets around the world.

Prior to working at TripAdvisor, Martin was a Group Head at AOL UK and has worked for Classic FM Radio, IIR Exhibitions and BBC Worldwide. Martin lives in Barnes, London.

Mr. Verdon-Roe shares:

  • How TripAdvisor views and uses paid and organic content (2:35)
  • Overview of TripAdvisor’s TripConnect (4:45)
  • How TripAdvisor defines itself in the travel funnel (6:15)
  • Privacy issues for TripAdvisor as well as its Facebook integration (9:15)
  • Mobile vs. desktop trends (12:32)
  • TripAdvisor’s plans for viewability and delayed ad calls (14:47)
  • Google and Kayak as competitors (16:30)

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