#MMGYTravels: Consummately Captivated by Costa Rica

From lush rainforests and beautiful waterfalls to zip-lining and jungle wildlife, Costa Rica has a lot to offer.

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Image of Ocean House in Providence

#MMGYTravels: Debunking the Myth of the “Drive-Through” State

Experience our #OnTheRhode trip through the big cities and tiny towns of America’s smallest state, Rhode Island.

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Ocean with #MMGYTravels

#MMGYTravels: Off-Road and On the Scene in Doha

Qatar is now at the center of Middle Eastern hospitality.

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DEMA Show Logo

Diving into DEMA

Myriad attended this year's DEMA Show, the largest dive trade show event in the world.

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Image of Discover Macao food truck

Experience Macao

Myriad and Macao opened a food truck in New York City to bring the taste of Macao to the U.S.

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MMGYTravels Chicago

#MMGYTravels: Finding KC in Chicago

Senior Account Executive Jessica Hollenbach showed Chicago how we do Kansas City.

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