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What’s New in Social Media: May 2015 Edition

Robert Patterson

In order to keep up with the always-changing social media landscape, we provide our clients with a This Week in Social Media (TWISM) email newsletter. Each week, we highlight the biggest changes in social media and share these insights with our clients and team so we can always stay ahead of the social game. We’ve compiled the best of the best TWISMs to share with you in What's New in Social Media: May 2015 Edition.

  1. Facebook Likes don't go as far as they used to in News Feed update: Facebook has announced that they will no longer highlight posts that friends have liked or commented on. They may still appear lower in the News Feed, but it is speculated that they may not show up at all. This is the latest change Facebook has made in streamlining the News Feed with only relevant information for each user. This update could reduce post reach and referral traffic. (Source: Mashable)
  2. Twitter retweet button lets users sidestep character limit: Twitter has launched a "Retweet with comment" feature, which lets users retweet messages at the touch of a button. Links shared through the feature don't count toward the 140-character limit, letting users post longer comments about the messages they share. (Source: TechCrunch)
  3. Instagram Takes Another Step Toward E-Commerce: Retailers can now link to product pages from their Instagram ads. The new ads are part of a carefully managed rollout of better marketing. (Source: AdWeek)
  4. You Can Now Use Emojis in Hashtags on Instagram: The social network has announced that emojis will now shop up in hashtags and in the apps' search function. The photo-sharing site is also rolling out a few new filters called "Lark", "Reyes" and "Juno". (Source: TIME)
  5. Pinterest's Evan Sharp: Guys are on here, too: Men have become the fast growing demographic on the site, with the amount of men doubling in 2014. Although women do still use the platform more, the shift is slowly balancing out. The company also announced that nearly 40% of all users are international including Korea, Japan, and India where it is roughly 50-50 female to male users. (Source: Mashable)
  6. LinkedIn's Elevate aims to help brands tap employees' social reach: LinkedIn has unveiled Elevate, a tool to help companies get employees to advocate on their behalf on social channels. Elevate lets company curators serve up pre-approved, sharable content to employees, who can post the content to their social accounts. (Source: BuzzFeed)
  7. Pew released a State of Social Media Report and Facebook dominate presence is only growing. In 2015, just five companies generate the majority (61 percent) of digital ad revenue: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL. This year, Facebook is getting a quarter of all display ad revenue and more than a 37 percent of display ads on mobile. (Source: The Atlantic)
  8. A recent survey found that Facebook video could overtake YouTube as the top video advertising platform in 2015. Eighty-seven percent of agencies, brands and publishers surveyed said they are planning to run Facebook video ad campaigns, compared to 81.5 percent on YouTube. Marketers also indicated that they plan to run more video advertising across all networks, including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr. (Source: Marketing Land)
  9. YouTube makes TrueView ads more interactive, and more lucrative: YouTube is adding interactive cards to its TrueView video ads so there is now an option to include more information on the ads as an overlay. "Advertisers' TrueView cards can contain information about the brand or its products, a list of related videos or playlists from the advertiser and -- sometime in the next several weeks -- links to the advertiser's website." Typically brands have only have to pay if people watched their full ad, or at least 30 seconds of it if it's a longer spot. If people clicked to skip the ad after five seconds the view was not counted. Starting in May this will change and any click on the card will count as a view. (Source: AdAge)
  10. Twitter Is Testing Ads Within User Profile Pages: In the test, which is being shown to a small number of logged in users, the promoted tweets are displayed to people visiting other users’ profiles on the web and in mobile apps. The sponsored content is set off from organic tweets and labeled with a big “Suggested By Twitter” disclaimer. (Source: Marketing Land)
  11. Facebook is making it easier to find events you want to go to: The social networks rolled out a new feature that allows users to subscribe to events created by a specific business, band or other Facebook page. By clicking on the "Events subscribe" button, you will receive notifications whenever the business or group behind the page is hosting a new event in your area. (Source: Mashable)
  12. Brands scope out Periscope, Meerkat: Brands including Red Bull and Mountain Dew have begun using Twitter's Periscope application, and J.C. Penney and Starbucks have experimented with rival service Meerkat. An Advertising Age study of recent tweets by big brands, however, suggests that most have yet to dive into either platform. (Source: AdWeek)

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