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What's New in Social Media: January 2015 Edition

Robert Patterson

In order to keep up with the always-changing social media landscape, we provide our clients with a This Week in Social Media (TWISM) email newsletter. Each week, we highlight the biggest changes in social media and share these insights with our clients and team so we can always stay ahead of the social game. We’ve compiled the best of the best TWISMs to share with you in What's New in Social Media: January 2015 Edition. What do you need to know this month?

  1. Pinterest Opens Promoted Pins to All U.S. Partners; CPM advertising platform is said to be performing as well if not better than organic pins leading to 30% increase in earned media.
  2. Facebook boosts video ad sharing, but YouTube remains long-term champ: The overall number of views for even the most popular ads on Facebook is still dwarfed by the number of views of the same ads on YouTube. Facebook tends to garner lots of views in a short period of time, while YouTube videos gather momentum in the long term.
  3. Twitter launched Twitter Offers; promotions that are tied to your credit or debit card that can be redeemed at businesses. 
  4. Facebook's Atlas to carry Instagram's ad tech load: Atlas will allow marketers the ability to measure campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.  There is the possibility that Atlas will allow activity to be tracked after they see an ad on Instagram.
  5. Facebook search gets more user-friendly: Facebook updated its search to let users find older posts. Previously, typing "Hawaii" into Facebook's search box would only yield pages and apps related to Hawaii. But now, the search results page will also display all the posts you have previously viewed that contain the word "Hawaii.” The search results are personalized for each user, so you can't search for all posts on Facebook — only the ones that have been shared with you. The update will gradually roll out in the U.S. on both iPhone and desktop versions of Facebook.
  6. Twitter Enables Ad Targeting Based On Mobile App Actions: Twitter announced that it’s giving mobile app advertisers a way to fine tune their ad targeting, allowing the creation of audience segments based on app actions such as install, purchase or sign-up. The basic idea is to help advertisers focus on reaching people who are most likely to engage and enable the exclusion of people who already are interacting with a company’s app.
  7. Facebook to make sure the right people see publishers' posts: Facebook announced three new tools designed to make news feeds more relevant to the user.  The first allows publishers to target posts to people based on their interests.  The second gives an expiration date to posts in order to clean up time-sensitive stories.  The third is called Smart Publishing and it automatically posts top stories on publisher pages (you can choose to opt in to this service).
  8. Facebook Starts Auto-Enhancing Photos Because Algorithms Are Better At Filters Than You: Now on iOS and soon coming to Android, Facebook will auto-enhance newly uploaded photos. You will now be able to adjust a slider to control just how enhanced you want the light, shadow and clarity, or revert back to your original shot, making it much quicker to post well-lit photos you can share on the go. 
  9. Not only has Instagram moved past Twitter in number of active users, new data shows Instagram also gets higher engagement. Among the top 25 brands, per post engagement rates were nearly 50 times higher on Instagram.
  10. Massive Instagram update adds 5 new filters: Instagram's new filters, Crema, Slumber, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua, will now appear first in the filter tray of the updated app. Users also now have the ability to reorder the app's filters or hide the ones they don't use. Scroll to the end of the filter tray to find the new "Manage" setting, which allows you to quickly personalize how and where your favorite filters appear in the Instagram app.

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