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What's New in Social Media: February 2017 Edition

It's difficult to stay up to speed when the social media landscape is constantly shifting and shaping – we get it! That's why we provide our partners with a This Week in Social Media (TWISM) e-newsletter. We highlight the biggest changes in social media weekly and share these updates and insights with our partners and internal teams. We’ve compiled the best of the best TWISM posts and share them with you in What's New in Social Media: February 2017 Edition.

(Spoiler alert: the past month was jam-packed with major updates!)

  • A Single Instagram Post Can Now Contain Multiple Photos and Videos: Instagram continues to update and evolve their platform. In February, the social media giant released the ability to share multiple images in one post. A single Instagram post can now contain up to 10 photos and videos. This function gives users the ability to change the order of content, apply a filter to all of the content or edit one by one.
  • Facebook Is Developing Animated Selfie Masks for Brands: Facebook is in talks to let several Hollywood studios promote big-budget movies using new animated masks on the social network. Facebook has been experimenting with augmented reality in a camera-centered redesign. While Facebook Live already lets people use the filters to sync up special effects over their faces, they have not allowed brands to participate. 
  • Look Who Else Is Following Snapchat: The Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has announced a new feature that looks very similar to Snapchat. This feature is an update to its current status feature. Previously, users could only change their status to words or phrases. The new update will allow users to share photos, videos and GIFs that disappear after 24 hours.
  • Snap Is Said to Have Worked on a Drone: In preparation to take itself public (stay tuned for updates on their IPO!), Snap is apparently working on a drone to help their users take overhead videos and photographs and then feed that visual data to the company.
  • Facebook Is Expanding Its Ads Measurement Capabilities After Recent Brouhahas: After ad measurement controversies marred the fourth quarter, Facebook revealed last month that it has expanded its relationship with data companies comScore, Nielsen and Integral Ad Science while entering a new one with DoubleVerify. The digital company is introducing a portal for marketing mix modeling so that the previously mentioned measurement partners can get data directly from Facebook, Instagram and the Facebook Audience Network (FAN). The portal’s availability is designed to give advertisers more insights into whether their efforts are working in unison with other marketing channels to generate sales.
  • Snapchat Is Growing Thanks to Older Americans, While Millennial Usage Declines: Snapchat is expected to grow its U.S. audience to 70.4 million by the end of 2017. One of the biggest growing user bases in the U.S. is adults between 45 and 54 years old, and they currently make up 6.4 percent of American users. At the same time, American users aged 24 and younger may decrease time spent on Snapchat as more people check out Instagram Stories.
  • LinkedIn Gets New Look on Desktop: LinkedIn rolls out its largest desktop redesign since the social network launched in 2002. This is part of a series of updates that have been planned for the platform since it was purchased by Microsoft in 2016.

Stay tuned for the March 2017 Edition. With Instagram Story Ads and Snapchat going public, it’s sure to be an exciting edition. 

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