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What’s New in Social Media: December 2015 Edition

To remain cutting edge in the always-changing social media world, we provide our partners with a This Week in Social Media (TWISM) e-newsletter. We highlight the biggest changes in social media weekly and share these updates and insights with our partners and internal teams. We’ve compiled the best of the best TWISMs to share with you in What's New in Social Media: December 2015 Edition.

  1. Facebook Hits 8 Billion Daily Video Views, Doubling From 4 Billion in April: Facebook video viewership is growing by leaps and bounds. It now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users. Some might contend that this stat isn’t totally accurate since Facebook counts just 3 seconds of watching as a “view”. But the 100% growth in seven months shows that even when controlling for this limitation of the metric, users are still voraciously consuming videos. Source: Tech Crunch
  2. Instagram Partners With 41 Tech Companies to Improve Advertising Experience: Instagram has unveiled 41 partners that will focus on improving campaign management, interaction with users and content marketing capabilities on the platform. These partners will help drive brand performance objectives for a wide range of businesses. The partnerships will also allow marketers to achieve business results on Facebook, Instagram, as well as Facebook and Instagram together. Source: AdWeek
  3. Pinterest announces visual search tool: Pinterest's new Visual Search tool allows users to draw a box around an item in a photo that they like, and see results of where they can immediately purchase the product. Pinterest was recently valued at $11B and has over 100 Million active users a month; Visual Search is a tool for B2C companies to immediately take notice of and optimize photos for the function. Source: Simply Measured
  4. Snapchat wants to turn your life into a commercial: the "sponsored geofilters," one of Snapchat's most surprising new moneymakers, mark a uniquely invasive turn for modern marketing - allowing advertisers to put a virtual claim on parts of the physical world. Launched this summer at McDonald's, where 14,000 American outposts are now covered, the "sponsored geofilter" program is now having its busiest month yet, with 14 companies currently on board. Source: The Washington Post
  5. Inside Snapchat's newest feature: Story Explorer: Story Explorer, a new Snapchat feature that debuted this month, enables users to see more than just one or two vantage points of a moment. The new feature is another indication that Snapchat is emerging as a creative leader in the fast-growing medium of mobile video. Source: LA Times
  6. How the Branded Hashtag Emoji is Taking Over Twitter: Twitter has implemented a feature that will allow brands to use custom emojis with their brand or campaign hashtags, offering another way to reach image-driven consumers and younger millenials. Research has shown that hashtags utilizing these emojis have seen greater mentions and impressions than the same hashtags used last year without the emojis. Source: AdWeek
  7. LinkedIn launched a new app: The apps new features include a "Me" tab, "My Network" and several simpler ways to see updates from your professional networks. The app has a sleeker, cleaner design and is likely in response to the general feedback on LinkedIn's previous app's cluttered appearance. Source: Tech Crunch
  8. Snapchat's new deep-linking feature could unlock the platform for publishers: Snapchat said it will allow its publisher partners (like CNN and Vice) to post links on social media that go directly to specific pieces of the publisher's content within the messaging app. It's an important development for publishers and brands for several reasons. First, his could mark a move away from Snapchat being a relatively closed space. Second, the ability to target content to specific users, and to measure engagement, has been lacking on the platform. This deep-linking functionality at least lets publishers measure engagement with their Snapchat content by tracking the number and type of people who click the deep links. Source: VentureBeat

Tweet me your thoughts or questions at @ChelseaHover, or learn more from our entire social media team here.

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