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What’s New in Social Media: April 2015 Edition

Robert Patterson

In order to keep up with the always-changing social media landscape, we provide our clients with a This Week in Social Media (TWISM) email newsletter. Each week, we highlight the biggest changes in social media and share these insights with our clients and team so we can always stay ahead of the social game. We’ve compiled the best of the best TWISMs to share with you in What's New in Social Media: April 2015 Edition.

  1. Facebook has been scrubbing inactive accounts: Many Facebook brand pages will see a drop in ‘like’ counts. The network already weeds out deactivated and memorialized accounts when it comes to likes and comments on individuals’ pages, so part of the reason for the scrub is consistency across the network with brand pages. A recent study shows that Facebook's "Great Purge" resulted in an average 2.7% loss of fans for hotels. Pages under one thousand likes saw nearly 4% of their likes wiped out while those larger than one thousand generally saw around 2% fewer likes. (source: Tnooz)
  2. Launch of Twitter’s Periscope live streaming app crushes Meerkat: Live streaming video apps are continuing to gain buzz with Meerkat making a huge splash at SXSW only to be quickly surpassed by Twitter’s Periscope app shortly after launching. (source: 9to5Mac)

  3. Twitter allows third-party sites to embed its videos: Publishers can embed Twitter videos on their sites using the company's embedded video market generator. The feature will make Twitter more competitive with YouTube and Facebook. (source: Mashable)
  4. Google+ to be supplanted by Photos and Streams: Google's Bradley Horowitz has taken charge of Google+, which is being rebranded as tools called Photos and Streams. The shift is an admission that Google+ failed at supplanting Facebook, but it succeeded in providing Google with a single Web identity around which to corral its users' photos, searches, and other online activities. (source: Mashable)
  5. Twitter to offer more refined ad targeting: Brands soon will be able to target their Twitter ads according to users' demographics and purchase history as well as target users with similarities. The initiative is part of a deal with data partners Acxiom and Datalogix that allows advertisers to target more than 1,000 defined audiences. (source: AdAge)
  6. Facebook F8 Developers Conference announcements: Facebook announced several updates at their annual conference including LiveRail adds mobile display and improved targeting capabilities, Facebook Analytics for Apps is now available and businesses will now be able to connect with users using Facebook Messenger. (source: Facebook)
  7. Pinterest has banned affiliate and redirect links from the platform, which now means that top 'pinfluencers' who make money by pinning branded content are no longer able to track how much traffic their pins direct to brands' websites. Pinterest says pinfluencers can "continue to be paid to curate boards for brands’ profiles, consult and create original content for businesses." (source: DigiDay)
  8. New YouTube "Cards" Will Display On Mobile - Taking Annotations To The Next Level: Cards can inform viewers about other videos, merch, playlists, websites and more. (source: MarketingLand)
  9. Instagram announced the debut of a new application called Layout, the company’s next standalone creation tool outside of its flagship photo-sharing application. Instagram is rethinking the typic collage process with several features like photo booth, facial recognition and selection, and mirror imaging. The biggest change however is the order you select your photos. (source: TechCrunch)
  10. You can now stream full-length songs from the Twitter app for free: Twitter and Rhapsody have teamed up on a new feature that allows the music service's subscribers to share full-length tracks on Twitter that anyone can listen to, even if they don't have a subscription themselves. (source: Mashable)
  11. Facebook comments tweak gets mixed reviews: Facebook is making user comments less visible on company pages, potentially helping brands that have struggled with negative buzz on the site. (source: The Globe and Mail)

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