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INFOGRAPHIC: New Insights from the 2016-2017 Portrait of American Travelers®

Anna Blount

Now in its 26th year, the MMGY Global Portrait of American Travelers® is the most insightful and actionable survey of the emerging vacation habits, preferences & intentions of Americans. The study includes more than 400 variables, with the data provided on every variable for all travelers, by generation and by income group. By purchasing a subscription to this year's study, you will receive all data tables plus five research publications derived from this data that analyze major insights impacting the travel industry.

The newly released study highlights some surprising and significant shifts in travel perceptions. Take a look at the infographic below for three of the most impactful implications for the industry this year, including:

  • Leisure Travel Experiencing Record Growth
  • Microsegments: Redefining the Travel Trendsetters
  • Are Travel Supplier Brands the New OTAs? And, Vice Versa?

To dig deeper into these three insights and more, subscribe to the 2016-2017 Portrait of American Travelers®.

Portrait Infographic
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