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Exposed to the Elements

Brian Klein


With beachfront locations in the most idyllic settings around the world – Spain, Italy, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Brazil – Palladium Hotel Group offers incredible vacation experiences for couples, families and children. Partnering with MMGY Global, Palladium looked to disrupt the all-inclusive vacation market with an integrated advertising and public relations program to distinguish Palladium from other resorts.

The intimate relationship between the resorts and their environments, along with the elegant and spacious approach to all-inclusive vacationing, inspires customers to explore the natural surroundings, disconnect from their routines and recharge using the fundamental elements they’ve been missing: freedom, joy, wonder, bliss and adventure. These elements are attached to the unforgettable experiences guests can have at each hotel, and they provided a great platform on which to build a new advertising campaign.


Partnering with MMGY Global, Palladium leveraged consumer insights to create an integrated marketing program that overtly connected to a new brand promise. “The Element” campaign, sustained by a relaxed, intimate, genuine and passionate voice, was thoughtfully crafted to break through the competitive, crowded and undifferentiated all-inclusive resort landscape and establish Palladium Hotels & Resorts as a universally recognized brand. Through headlines such as “The Element of Passion,” “The Element of Surprise” and “The Element of Wonder,” along with supporting copy tailored to tell the brand’s story, the campaign reinforced the company’s strategy while engaging consumers emotionally and rationally, helping them perceive Palladium as different from the competition. The campaign was designed to pique a consumer’s interest and drive them to to learn more. Additionally, the campaign was adapted to speak to a travel trade audience as well.

This new campaign was supported by integrated media efforts that targeted both the leisure traveler and the retail travel agent. To appeal to leisure travelers and spark the dream of traveling to a Palladium property, MMGY sought ad placements in high-end travel publications such as Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure, in core regional publications like Chicago magazine and Texas Monthly, and on airport billboards. Additional digital media units were utilized to further expand the brand story and target consumers during the purchase path with a strategic offer promoting a $1,500 resort credit. Public relations and social media efforts also entered into the mix. Targeting national and regional publications such as The New York Times, Huffington Post and Chicago Tribune, the goal was to extend the Palladium story and educate consumers on the brand, its portfolio of resorts and its core differentiators, including wellness, bridal trends and multigenerational travel.

MMGY also deployed a robust marketing campaign targeting the retail travel agency, driving awareness and further educating travel agents on the brand and its portfolio of hotels. MMGY utilized key travel trade publications such as Travel Agent Magazine, Travel Weekly and Recommend and conducted a number of webinars to tell the story of Palladium to the trade. 


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Direct traffic to the core website and travel agent pages increased exponentially year over year, and the number of inquiries from the media campaign has exceeded 730,000. Our social media influencer events generated over 20 million impressions, and the public relations team led four press trips while securing close to 100 placements that garnered over 385 million impressions.

The campaign and new creative elements, coupled with revenue strategies deployed by the Palladium corporate team, quickly generated buzz and excitement around the brand. This resulted in an immediate increase in traffic to the new website, an increase in overall brand awareness and a significant uptick in core brand KPIs – including revenue contribution from North America to core resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico – and an increase in direct bookings.

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