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MMGY Implements Content-first Approach for

Jessica Lampson

Loudoun County, just outside of Washington, D.C., is known for many things—wine, history, steeplechase, and the Appalachian Trail to name a few. Now, Loudoun may become known for something else—its website. 

MMGY launched the new site last week. We used a content-first approach to design a Pinterest-style, image-heavy site that inspires visitors to book a trip to DC’s wine country.

The new site incorporates many creative elements including itineraries, local favorites, and sharing elements. Some of our favorite features and functions include: 

  • Pinterest-like Homepage: The focus was to take a personal approach using photos, itineraries, videos and events to inspire action. The pods allow Visit Loudoun to customize the homepage continuously by highlighting different aspects of the destination, sort based on importance and encourage users to navigate and interact with the website.
  • Itineraries: The itineraries section includes one-day or multiple-day trip ideas. The itinerary template allows for daily breakout of the suggested activities, a plotted map of the main stops, video and photo galleries, plus room to suggest alternate hot spots.
  • Social Integration: Throughout the website we integrated a social sharing feature that allows users to share content from the website using Google+, Facebook and Twitter. We included a global Instagram feed and provided access to all of Loudoun's social channels. In addition, we recommended the use of Pressi, a third party social tool, to create a custom social hub page with feeds of all their social channels.
  • Special Sections: The Civil War and Wine Country sections were set up to allow Visit Loudoun to showcase Virginia's culinary and heritage assets in a more unique way. These sections include sub navigation, large images, and featured pods with content specific to that section.

See the new site for yourself at and learn more about our web development capabilities.  

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