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MMGY Launches New Travel Campaign on Behalf of Mars Tourism

In January 2016, Mars Tourism, the economic development organization dedicated to tourism to the fourth planet from the sun, selected MMGY Global as its marketing agency of record, following an official galaxy-wide RFP review.

They immediately tasked MMGY to develop an integrated marketing campaign to drive visitation to the second smallest planet in the solar system.

As the largest integrated travel marketing company on the planet Earth, MMGY’s experienced team of destination marketers is well positioned to promote Mars to the emerging commercial space leisure traveler.

“We were simply over the moon when we added the Red Planet to our interstellar client roster,” says Clayton Reid, MMGY president and CEO, adding, “Millennial travelers will especially be on board with the new campaign – they tend to value experiences over things, and we’ve got the research to back it up.”

To kick-start the campaign, MMGY Global took Mars Tourism through the HEMISPHERESTM branding process, identifying target audiences (adults 18–34; HHI of $100K+) and niche markets (Trekkies, space cadets, extraterrestrials). MMGY then worked with Mars Tourism to develop annual goals that would form the basis for an annual media plan and align channel marketing strategies.

On the 280th sol of the 5th Martian month of the 33rd Martian year, otherwise known on Earth as April 1, 2016, the new campaign was ready to blast off, beginning with an inspirational brand anthem.

MMGY’s creative and interactive teams have also launched a new responsive Mars Tourism website on MMGY’s proprietary SPACEkore Platform, ideal for experience management while offering robust content management. Now leisure space travelers with an interest in visiting Mars can benefit from highly customized offerings based on their personal tastes and browsing activity.

To drive visitation to the new website and increase awareness of commercial space travel to Mars, MMGY Global placed new print ads in Space Travel + Leisure and digital ads on View the new ads below.

To further reach the Millennial market, MMGY Global launched Mars Tourism’s social media platforms (@MarsCVB) and continues to manage the platforms.

Earthlings hoping to visit Mars in the near future can enjoy Mars Tourism–branded swag, also available at View the swag items below.

The client is tremendously pleased with the work, relaying intermittent yet enthusiastic feedback via the International Space Station.

“The new brand is lit AF,” says defunct Mars rover Sojourner, now the Mars Tourism Director of Marketing. “Keep it.”

MMGY Global (or, more appropriately, MMGY Galactic) is recognized as a thought leader in the travel category and has worked around the planet Earth since 1981. The company has won numerous industry awards and authors acclaimed industry research, including the annual Portrait of American Travelers® and quarterly travelhorizons™. As the first marketing agency to officially partner with a celestial body, MMGY looks to publish the highly anticipated Portrait of Commercial Space Travelers℠ late next year.

View the new site and learn more about Mars Tourism at Read more about MMGY’s exciting partnership with the Red Planet at

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