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INFOGRAPHIC: Marijuana Tourism & the Influence of Cannabis Culture on Travel

Julie Freeman

Mile-high expectations for the potential of “weed tourism” may be overstated according to our recent travelhorizonsTM findings. The report reveals that the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon is likely to have minimal impact overall on leisure travelers’ interest in visiting these states. In fact, it may even serve as a slight deterrent to visitation in the months ahead.

The national survey of 2,300 U.S. adults revealed the following:

  • Zero Net Difference in Interest in Visiting Colorado: The net difference (the percentage “more likely” to visit minus the percentage “less likely”) for Colorado was zero – 18% more likely, versus 18% less likely
  • Weed Legalization is a Slight Deterrent to Tourism in The Other States: The survey revealed that interest in visiting the three other states declined: Oregon -4%, Alaska -3%, and Washington -1%
  • Small Percentage of Travelers Have Packed Up to Smoke Up: Since legalization in these four states, six percent (6%) of respondents say they have vacationed in Colorado or Washington, and four percent (4%) have vacationed in Alaska or Oregon. And most of those who made the trip were younger males.

For more information on this topic, view the infographic below or reach out to our media contact:

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Brooke Theiss - MMGY Global PR
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