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Kansas City Women in Technology Event Features MMGY's Katie Briscoe


As an emerging tech hub in the US, Kansas City seems to never stop innovating and creating.  We are on the verge of something big. And since our own headquarters are based in KC, it’s only right for MMGY to get involved in the tech movement too.

In November, one of our own MMGY Global VPs, Katie Briscoe, was asked to be a panelist in Kansas City Women in Technology’s monthly TechTalk. With over 70 people in attendance, Katie and her fellow panelists (Wendy Blackburn of InTouch Solutions, Vera Burdt of DST Systems, Sarah McElwee of KBM Group and Lyla Perrodin of The Perrodin Group) spoke to the crowd about how to make smart career choices with a discussion called “Been There, Done That”. As a Founding Member of KC Women in Tech, I was lucky enough to moderate this panel and not only learn about the career moves that my fellow MMGYer has made, but also learn about how technology is impacting a woman’s career choice in various industries.


The panel took aim at many of the questions that myself and other women in technology have about navigating their careers. The discussion focused on what it takes to make major career moves once experience has been gained. Discussion also included deciding to make a career move, a few buzzwords of the year (Mentor Relationships, Work/Life Balance and Millenials), as well as how to address The Imposter Syndrome.

"One of the most powerful things that women can do is to support each other as we navigate through our careers, especially in this industry where we are too few and far between,” says Katie Briscoe. “I can't think of a better use of time than an evening spent with sharp, determined women with an affinity for technology."




The main takeaway that I can apply to my work with MMGY is the knowledge that we are leaders in this field. Our clients look to us for guidance and confirmation of what they see in their campaigns and it is up to us to not only be there to help, but also to be ahead of the curve so we always have answers. One thing that each of the panelists had in common was their willingness to take risks on behalf of their clients whether it was offering them the newest technologies or providing a new perspective on what we already do for them.

Technology continues to evolve, and so does the travel and tourism market. It is our mission at MMGY to stay ahead of the tech curve, embrace new technologies and innovations and educate our clients, partners and community about the technology changes we see in the travel and tourism landscape.

Learn more about MMGY’s love for technology—from .NET to Google Glass—on our blog.

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