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Clayton Reid

How we’re upping our game with new services for 2015.

Because the travel industry is always on the move, we’re constantly moving with it – growing and evolving the way we do things. By implementing new services in all of our departments, we’re leading the way forward, ready to make the world a more traveled place in 2015.

Programmatic Media

We all know how essential it is to let data guide media strategies. But with programmatic media, our clients now have access to intelligent travel data that guides marketing investments and improves return on ad spend (ROAS). That’s why we’re relying on data more than ever.

Content Integration

Our media department works in tandem with our content department and content partners to ensure client messages are in the right place and always consistent as well as relevant. That goes for native advertising, social messaging, responsive web content or other meaningful content that shapes traveler behavior.

Attribution Modeling

“What’s the ROI?” Well, thanks for asking. Attribution modeling allows us to track all marketing touch points all the way through to a point of purchase/conversion. This constant tracking helps provide smarter choices for client ad spending and better ways to measure ROI. It also weights proper credit to marketing dollars in high and low funnel channels.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Attribution modeling isn’t the only way we’re helping to track ROI. Conversion Rate Optimization helps us test what’s converting best by looking at each touch point on a web page. That means everything – design testing, auditing, monitoring and refining.

Organic Search

We’re looking at organic search closer than ever. Now we offer clients monthly audits in regards to SEO. That way, clients can be sure people find what they’re looking for. And if our data shows that something needs to be changed, it can be changed quickly.

Meta Search

With meta search, we’re able to place clients in front of potential guests on platforms like TripAdvisor, Kayak and Google Hotel Finder. And it’s all in real time so users see hotel rates or airfares on any date they choose. This makes our clients more competitive in all aspects of the travel search model.

Content Personalization

Everybody (and everywhere) has a unique story. Telling those stories in equally unique ways is what we do best. In 2015, client content will be more personalized than ever. By using data from paid-search analytics and studying what users’ wants and needs are, we’re able to serve up content that’s unique, data-clad and high-converting.

Researching Guest Satisfaction

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