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How Will Travelers Vote in Upcoming Presidential Election?

Steve Cohen

A new study from our travelhorizons™ research revealed active travelers have a remarkably high intention to participate in the upcoming presidential election. The survey polled 1,800 U.S. active travelers, or those who took at least one overnight trip greater than 75 miles from home in the last year, about their intentions with respect to the forthcoming election.

Some notable findings include:

Active Travelers Are Heading to the Polls

  • A large majority of the active travelers polled indicate they will head to the polls in November 2016, including 95 percent of those who identify themselves as Democrats and 97 percent of those who identify themselves as Republican.
  • Overall, the survey found active travelers are more likely to be registered Democrats (42 percent), while roughly the same proportion identify themselves as Independents (30 percent) or are affiliated with the Republican party (28 percent).

The Final Race Will Be Between Trump and Clinton

  • If the election were held today, among active Republican travelers, 28 percent would vote for Donald Trump, with 17 percent voting for Ben Carson.
  • Among Democrats who are active travelers, Hillary Clinton would be the candidate of choice if the election were held today: 42 percent would vote for Clinton, and 22 percent for Sanders.

These results, as well as those for the other contenders, are summarized in the graph below. (*Note: At the time of the survey, Joe Biden was still considering running.)

For more information about these insights, or to obtain a copy of the full travelhorizons™ report, visit our research page.

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