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Google Displaying Hotel Review Summaries in Search Results

Josiah Casey

Google recently made a small but significant change to the way it displays hotel reviews in the search engine’s results pages. Review summaries are now being displayed in the knowledge graph.


This change makes it much easier for searchers to judge whether or not a hotel is a good place to stay. The new review summaries are categorized to give an overview of the hotels’ rooms, location, service, and facilities. The summaries are provided by TrustYou, an online reputation management service that aggregates reviews from around the web and distills them into what they call “meta-reviews.”

This is better than the random reviews that were pulled before. Take a look at the following example from a hotel in Kansas City.

Old review samples:


New review summaries:


The review summaries make it much more clear where this hotel’s strengths and weaknesses lie. If the searcher is looking for a hotel in a really good location, this hotel is probably a good choice. If a luxurious room is desired, this is not a good place to stay. The location and rooms were mentioned in the old format of displaying individual reviews, but the new format’s summary and star rating are much more user-friendly.

Review summaries are also helpful for hotel managers and marketers. Looking over the categorized summaries can lead to insight that can influence business decisions. In the example above, it is fairly obvious that people are not satisfied with the rooms at the hotel. The hotel could use this information  to allocate some budget for improving rooms, which would boost customer satisfaction.

The change to review summaries is good for searchers and hotels, but is huge for TrustYou. As word spreads that Google is using TrustYou data in its search engine results, TrustYou’s analytics and meta-review products will almost definitely see a huge gain in customers who are interested in the technology and how it can help their businesses.

To stay up-to-date on the many changes Google makes, visit our blog.

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