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Death of the Digital Media Department: Part III

Meliah Cranmer

Over the past few years, the way in which consumers interact with media has changed drastically. In turn, the digital media department itself has become obsolete. Consumer behavior has forced the media industry to reexamine the way we plan and buy media by channels and has pushed us to understand a consumer path that is always using several media outlets, sometimes simultaneously.

In Part III of Death of the Digital Media Department, MMGY's media team answers the following qeustions:

1. What are the main differences in online streaming radio and terrestrial radio from a consumer's experience?
2. How do these differences affect the way in which we should plan and buy media on both?
3. How do online streaming radio and terrestrial radio work together at reaching a travel brand's target consumer?
4. What are a few real world examples of how to implement this integration and what players in the online streaming radio space should travel brands be looking at first?

Watch more insightful video from MMGY on our YouTube page.

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