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Kylee Sprengel

MMGY Global created a campaign using humorous pharmaceutical parodies to help increase brand lift and encourage social engagement. Nine out of 10 beach doctors agree – the campaign was a splashing success.  

SITUATION turned to MMGY Global to help concept and produce a video campaign with the main goal of increasing brand lift and recall.


To ensure the videos got the most eyes possible engaged for as long as possible right from the start, MMGY Global developed a humorous parody campaign poking fun at pharmaceutical advertising while positioning the beach as the ultimate cure for whatever ails you – complete with side effects like shoulder peeling, cocktail breath and mild sand crack.


It doesn’t take a beach surgeon to interpret results this good. Video views on YouTube have surpassed 2 million, and among people who viewed the ads, 43 percent recalled the ad and 30 percent reported being more familiar with the brand. Searches for on Google and YouTube went up 210 percent, along with a whopping 8,094 percent lift in creative interest. In addition, the campaign was extended to include broadcast spots, three additional videos and multiple social extensions.  


Pre-roll spots: MMGY Global wrote and produced parody pharmaceutical commercials where fictitious diseases like “Staycational Affective Disorder” and “Nonbeachacolitis” were cured by beach vacations.

Beach Cures: Male Pattern Boredness

Beach Cures: Perfectile Vacation Disorder

Beach Cures: Restless Lounge Syndrome

Beach Cures: Nonbeachacolitis

Beach Cures: Staycational Affective Disorder

Social: MMGY Global helped create a series of comment contests where followers were encouraged to post their beach ailment for a chance to win a “play hooky kit” complete with swag and a promo code.

Sweepstakes: MMGY Global created a series of shareable campaign content like fill-in-the-blank doctor’s notes and faux prescriptions that linked people to a WooBox quiz to help them identify both their ailment and beach cure. Anyone who took the quiz was entered for a chance to win a beach vacation.

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