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Catch ‘em All at MMGY’s Pokémon Go Gym

Pokémon Go. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the game that has completely rocked the mobile world. Just a few days after its launch, Pokémon Go surpassed Twitter in number of daily users. The augmented reality game has gotten more American kids off the sofa in four days than Michelle Obama’s seven years of the “Let’s Move” program. Talk about revolutionary. 

The game has also completely taken over our Kansas City headquarters. Dozens of MMGYers are capturing Bulbasaur in the break room, Charmander in conference rooms, and Squirtle by the sink. Is our obsession fueled by the fact that we have more than a few gamers here in our KC office? Or because our employees are intrigued by augmented reality?

I personally think that a majority of our KC office is downloading the app because MMGY Global is set up as a Pokémon Go Gym.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pokémon Go (or Pokémon Go Gyms for that matter), specific landmarks throughout the city are marked as “Gyms”. At these locations, you can battle and train your collected Pokémon. Pokémon Go Gyms are located near popular places or in spots with a lot of activity.

MMGY Global’s famous “scarecrow” has been selected as a Kansas City landmark, and therefore, has been selected as a Pokémon Gym. We are excited to join other famous city landmarks such as the city’s World War I Memorial and the Nelson Atkins Museum as a Pokémon Go Gym.


The left image above displays MMGYers located in front of the MMGY scarecrow, a Pokémon Go Gym. At this location, we can train our Pokémon. The right image displays what the scarecrow environment looks like on the Pokémon Go app. 

Having your office headquarters selected as Pokémon Go Gym certainly has its perks. It’s quite entertaining to watch users approach our scarecrow and go into battle (right outside my window!).  But, it also has its downfalls. In order to train your Pokémon in a Gym, you have to be at a Level 5 or above. Sadly, I’m still at a Level 2.  So pardon me as I turn away from my computer, and back to my phone, so I can go “catch ‘em all” right here from my MMGY desk.

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