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Kylee Sprengel

National events, news and pop culture offer a great opportunity for brands to get in on the conversation. The 2016 presidential election has provided the perfect storm, making it a go-to for many brands this year. But is it even worth it trying to join the conversation if your brand’s media spend can’t rival that of the big guys?


A message doesn’t have to have millions of dollars behind it to resonate with its audience. MMGY Global along with set out to prove that with their campaign: “Beach Gary 2016.” 

By embracing the existing brand and a run-and-gun DIY production style, we introduced Beach Gary as yet another brand spokesman jumping on the election bandwagon. But with a beachy twist, of course.

We introduced Beach Gary as the leader of the Beach Party whose campaign platform is based on endless vacation time, all-inclusive everything and mandatory afternoon siestas. And instead of “running” for president, he’s lounging for president; on his own beachy time and in his own beachy way. Meaning he may not know foreign policy or financial reform, and he giggles when you say “caucus”, but he does know how to save a bundle on a Caribbean vacation.

Beach Gary announced his candidacy with a cheeky video deployed on’s social channels. A dedicated landing page was created, where all-things “BG4Prez” culminated. He continuously revealed more of his campaign platform through tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook Canvas ads. Channel integration came to play with the campaign’s largest initiative: Beach Gary’s search for his vice presidential running mate. The search for Beach Gary’s VP took a contest form. audiences and fellow #TrueBeachLovers were asked to submit a short video stating why they should be Beach Gary’s vice president. The winner and 15 of their “cabinet” members received a trip to Breathless Riviera Maya resort in Cancun, Mexico. To drive awareness to the contest, MMGY carefully selected travel-blog influencers, solicited participation from student film-makers across the country, ran spot radio on Pandora, and deployed paid social posts. 

Response to the Beach Gary 2016 campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. By staying true to the brand, we’ve given our audience something to smile about during this election season – and one lucky winner the trip of a lifetime.

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