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A Critical Part of the Travel Brand’s Media Budget: Facebook Advertising

Alana Patton

We’re constantly helping our clients find all of the right people on Facebook. There’s 1.4 billion of them and endless ad targeting options for us to create.  With a constant flow of new product announcements, Facebook advertising should be included in every travel brand’s media budget – no matter how small. Below are three campaigns that we’ve run with our clients. All have seen positive return with minimal investment: 



Situation: Q4 is typically not the best time to advertise on Facebook if you’re not a retailer. During the holiday shopping season, Facebook is dominated by big retail brands looking to drive bigger sales. Nevertheless, wanted to compliment a display campaign with a Facebook campaign to identify potential markets for an experiential marketing activation. 

MMGY accepted the challenge to drive brand awareness with a minimal budget. For various reasons, we resorted to deploy ads using interest- and behavior-based targeting.

Game plan: Divide the budget by cold-weather feeder markets, Caribbean and beach-themed interests, a carousel unit on mobile news feed, and desktop news feed.

Goal: Brand awareness, quantified by website clicks in key markets

Results: >$31k in bookings in less than one month  

2.  San Francisco Travel 


Situation: San Francisco Travel launched a Portuguese website catering to Brazil –an important international market for their brand. They had specific traffic goals and used Facebook ads to help achieve that traffic while simultaneously growing their social community.

Game plan: Focus on broad interest and behavior-based targeting to Brazil. 

Goal: Website clicks

Results: We consistently stayed at $0.01 CPC throughout the entirely of our first campaign. In addition, San Francisco Travel successfully introduced itself on Facebook to Brazil, reaching 84% of website traffic goals to the Portuguese site with just 8.75% of the total advertising budget in one month.

Since traffic goals were reached much quicker than anticipated, San Francisco Travel will begin using WCA’s and lookalikes to drive people deeper into the site to well-developed content.

3.  The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel Island


Situation: Destinations are always striving to drive as many e-newsletter and vacation guides downloads as possible. The new(ish), and still evolving, lead generation ad from Facebook is helping our DMO partners, like The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, earn leads for less than $1 in some instances. 

Lead generation ads make mobile forms simple for users and more valuable for businesses. Brands no longer have to direct users to a website and hope they input their information correctly. With one quick tap of a button, Facebook users can submit or request something because the ad pre-populates Facebook self-inputted data.

Game plan: Target WCAs, lookalike audiences and people connected to the brand page.

Goal: Lead generation

Results: In the last month, we’ve generated more than 1,700 new email addresses for an avg. cost per lead of $0.78.  

In Conclusion

Although Facebook allows self-serve advertising, it’s our relationship with platform reps, advertising management platforms and a tight integration with the traditional and digital teams that results in fruitful campaigns. Treat your social advertising like you would any other of your media budgets. Embrace evolved targeting and tracking. Thoughtfully include in your overall media budget.

Let’s chat more about advertising. Email me at or tweet me @MereMcCaskill.

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