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MMGY Rakes Earth’s Confetti Away

Subha Upadhyayula

Blue skies. Orange leaves. Earth’s confetti showers our Midwest yards to complement the clouds on a colorful October afternoon. There’s something about stepping outside of our office and spending our day volunteering that makes our hearts happy. Giving back to those in need is something MMGY values, and on October 17, 2016, we got together to make an impact in our local Kansas City area. 

This year, MMGY Global teamed with up with Jewish Family Services to rake the leaves away through the Help@Home program, assisting older adults to maintain their homes before the cold winter months. MMGYers raked leaves, lifted cement blocks, fought off snakes and even took a few selfies with the nicest homeowners. The work was hard and nothing but a rewarding experience.

Jewish Family Services is a local organization that helps residents of the Greater Kansas City-area from all backgrounds through career skills, counseling, adult services and more. Founded in 1901, JFS has been serving more than 6,500 people annually to this day. If you're feeling inspired to pick up a rake and volunteer, you can contact for more information.

black snake
Group selfie
Raking leaves
Lawn clean up crew
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