Six Ways to Connect to Meeting Planners

The elusive audience of meeting planners has always been critical to the success of DMOs and hotels, since they can potentially make or break a hotel’s fill rate.

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Republican vs. Democrat: Who’s Winning in Digital Media?

With both the RNC and DNC around the corner, MMGY Global is curious to see how each convention will support its candidates with digital media.

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The Key Players in Cross-Device Advertising

The question is not whether an advertiser should target travelers across devices, but rather, how they can target across devices.

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Microsoft Bought LinkedIn: The Impact on Advertising

Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn last week may not have been a shock to the investment world, but it certainly was to those in media.

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Meliah Cranmer

Death of the Digital Media Department: Part III

In Part III of Death of the Digital Media Department, MMGY's media team answers questions about online streaming radio vs. terrestrial radio.

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Death of the Digital Media Department: Part II

Part II of our video series examines the ways in which broadcast and digital media integrate and the technologies that allow this integration to happen.

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