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Brands That Travel: Have Rideshare Models Shifted City Transportation for Good?

Clayton Reid

As new sharing economy companies, such as the $17 billion Uber, disrupt traditional urban transportation, a fight is brewing between these new companies, traditional operators, customer advocacy groups and city officials. Brands That Travel talked to one of the country's leading transportation operators, Bill George, to learn more about the situation as well as how he manages traditional transportation entities while at the same time developing the disruptor brands, Ztrip and 10/10 Taxi.

1:05 - The fast rise of Uber

2:20 - Disturbing elements of ride sharing

4:13 - Misperception of what ride sharing is in regulatory terms

6:45 - Driver background checks and insurance issues

9:55 - 10/10 Taxi and other hybrid disruptors

12:46 - Surge pricing as predatory

14:27 - Why are traditional services not embracing technology models?

16:01 - A taxi medallion in NYC for $1.2 million

18:28 - Where is transportation marketshare going?

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