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AdWords Update Improves Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics

Lucas Cobb

Over the course of the next few weeks, Google will be introducing a new way to look at Adwords in Google Analytics.

“With the new infrastructure, reports will reflect the most recent AdWords settings, such as campaign or ad_group names, to keep them fresh and consistent with AdWords,” Narendra Singhal of the Google Analytics team said.

What this means is that the campaign names we see in Google Analytics will be updated along with changes that are made to the campaigns in Adwords. Up until now, each change to the campaign name in Adwords was tracked as a new campaign in Analytics, so you had to track any changes you made, find each campaign, and then calculate the numbers manually. As you can see below, if you make changes to your campaign names often, then this new integration will help you right out of the box.

Current AdWords Reporting in Google Analytics

Current Adwords Chart

Newest AdWords Reporting in Google Analytics

New Adwords Chart


Even if you don’t change your campaign names, there are still benefits with this new platform: faster information, clearer reporting and additional segmentation. These are a huge plus for both paid search and site measurement. After all, we can’t optimize what we can’t measure.

Although we don’t yet know everything that this new integration will change, we do speculate there will be a few additional benefits afforded to those who make use of both tools. The primary benefit is having Adwords information more closely linked with Analytics, resulting in more timely and accurate information that does not require processing outside of the system. We also expect to eventually be able to glean deeper performance insights from our Adwords campaigns by leveraging these new dimensions to generate reports with richer information.

For more information on this, or any of the recent changes to Google Analytics, or to discuss MMGY’s Google Analytics or Adwords capabilities please email Lucas Cobb at

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