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Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Whitney Attebury

Take a closer look at Tourism Ireland’s new email template creative.

From the time it was just a batch of colonies in the northeast, America has enthusiastically celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. The city of Boston kicked things off with an informal gathering in 1732. New York City hosted the continent’s first official St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1766, and it is still one of the largest in the world to this day.

While it’s a well-loved national holiday in Ireland, Dublin was fashionably late to the larger party, hosting its first state-sponsored parade in 1931 and the first St. Patrick’s Day Festival in 1995 – mainly to boost tourism. It worked. The parade now boasts an attendance of around 500,000 and has grown into an entire week celebrating all things Ireland. Needless to say it’s a big week for Tourism Ireland.

MMGY Global is lucky enough to partner with Tourism Ireland in managing, producing and deploying their email marketing campaigns, as well as growing their subscriber database. So on this St. Patrick’s Day, we thought it would be fitting to highlight some of the work we’ve done on their behalf, namely revamping their email template creative.

The goal of these updated email templates was to serve a wide variety of email types and thus increase subscriber engagement with Tourism Ireland’s emails and increase visitation to

The MMGY Global CRM team conducted several discovery calls to establish overall goals and needs. Next, we performed an email audit to determine email creative and template needs based on previous email send results. It was quickly determined that Ireland needed a new core email template including content areas for a wide use across all email types, with a focus on responsive design.

MMGY updated the email templates to emphasize Ireland’s beautiful imagery. And now that the templates are responsive, images look more compelling than ever, and the copy is easier to read across devices.

MMGY also created a new look and feel for their weekly e-newsletter and implemented an onboarding series for new email subscribers.  

Ireland Pamplet

Two months into using the new templates, we are seeing consistently high open rates with a slight increase in click-to-open rates. We will continue to monitor these rates, and we are anticipating an even greater increase across key metrics.

The client is pleased with the email templates for a variety of reasons. They like that the new modular layout defines content areas more clearly, improving the user experience.

Modular content allows us to establish stronger CTAs, driving more traffic to their website. Ultimately, we have a stronger email layout that leverages more white space, giving it a cleaner look and feel that allows Ireland’s stunning imagery to shine.

To build a successful email program, from template design to deployment to subscriber database management, you need a little more than the luck of the Irish on your side – but it certainly never hurt.


*Giant's Causeway photo provided by: Caspar Diederik (@storytravelers)

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