Bermuda Tourism Authority

Out Here Video Series

Small boat on the ocean


Bermuda has traditionally has been perceived as stuffy, conservative, expensive and old-fashioned. Our job: to convince travelers that Bermuda is about far more than pink sand and Bermuda shorts.


Our strategy was to create a message that connected with travelers emotionally in order to increase air arrivals and economic impact on-island.

The objective of the video series was to highlight authentic experiences in order to shift perceptions of Bermuda as a leisure destination. Each spot was shot as a singular moment in time with a uniquely Bermudian flair, from cultural quirks to one-of-a-kind experiences. A twist of wit in the Bermudian voice-over gave the viewer a glimpse of the culture they could expect to find “out here.” These simple spots captured and communicated the luxury, sophistication and wit that define the destination.


  • 6,573,325 Total completed video views
  • 83% Average video completion rate
  • $0.03 Cost per completed video
  • 73% Overall brand engagements have come from video placements
  • 28,951 Total hours spent with brand videos across all partners