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Under pressure to embrace the Washington, D.C. experience off of the National Mall, Destination DC (DDC) launched a new advertising campaign and microsite, DC Cool. As DDC grew more confident that thematically DC Cool was resonating across audiences, they recognized the need to reimagine the campaign and relaunch


It was critical to build a user experience centered on content-first strategy. By creating a content road map as a lead artifact to drive the project, we armed our UX team with the proper tools to design intuitive user paths for core audiences through fluid navigation.  

We created custom paths supported by highly relevant content to drive engagement and higher conversion rates. Our understanding of users’ behaviors and preferences shaped the approach to organizing partner listings, UGC, events, social media sharability and related or sponsored content. 

Focus on Neighborhoods

A major strategic shift was making the DC neighborhoods the hero of the site.


The video below shows how a user can navigate and explore the unique neighborhoods via landing pages filled with editorial content supplemented with videos and UGC visuals.

An Events Section That Works

We evolved beyond the promotional carousel and traditional calendar, opting for more diverse methods to create visual interest on the page. In the events section, we can showcase a featured event and provide suggestions for further exploration by using editorial content and displaying upcoming events. An option to search by category and neighborhood is also available.


Hyper Relevant Content

The site lends itself to further exploration of business listings. We’ve seen a substantially lower bounce rate on business listings as a result. A big win for DDC members, driving substantial growth in ad revenue for the organization.

Here, an example of the accommodations section, with featured editorial content driven by traveler trends that connects users with places to stay related to ambiance and a craft cocktail scene.

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  • Doubled Organic traffic year-over-year
  • Up 7.5 million Page views year-over-year
  • Up 2.3 million Unique site visits year-over-year
  • Record setting Time on site & referrals