Beach Cures

Women on golf course

Situation needed help increasing brand lift, recall and engagement. The team – with the help of Google – determined that a YouTube pre-roll campaign using the platform’s programmatic targeting algorithm and retargeting capabilities would yield the best beach for the buck. The challenge? Google’s retargeting algorithm requires that any subsequent video views be based on a completed view of the first video. Thirty. Whole. Seconds. Which is an eternity when all you want to do is play your video. And maybe drink a margarita.


To ensure the videos got the most eyes possible, engaged for as long as possible, right from the start, we developed a humorous parody campaign poking fun at pharmaceutical advertising while positioning the beach as the ultimate cure for whatever ails you – complete with side effects like shoulder peeling, cocktail breath and mild sand crack. Nine out of 10 beach doctors agree – the campaign was a splashing success.


Irritable Towel Syndrome

Staycational Effective Disorder

Male Pattern Boredness




  • 2 million YouTube views
  • 43% Of viewers recalled the ad
  • 30% Increase in brand familiarity
  • 210% Increase in online searches
  • 8,094% Lift in creative interest