The European Travel Commission tasked MMGY Global with reworking and revamping the online content marketing approach for its new pan-European website.


The European Travel Commission’s (ETC) online portal,, was filled with informative, transaction-based content that did not inspire users to plan or book a European vacation. With an outdated site design and weak content strategy, the ETC approached MMGY Global to rework and revamp the site’s content marketing approach, create engaging online pieces to entice travelers, and translate all content into six languages for a truly global online experience.


We called upon the international marketing alliance Travel Consul as well as our MMGY research team in order to get the job done. After pulling together a European research subset and consulting with our Consul partners, we better understood what the world looks for when planning their trip to Europe. We took these research findings, an in-depth content audit, a brand exercise, and our combined wealth of travel marketing knowledge to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. 

By centering on pan-European experiences and regionally-focused content, we created over 100 engaging pieces of online content to inspire travelers to book a European vacation. Twelve recommended trips, 15 region videos, 36 country pages, 42 articles, and 32 photo galleries now make up the new—a culmination of 20 years online revamped and ready for a new generation of travelers. Thanks to our partnership with Travel Consul, each and every piece of content was made culturally relevant and translated into Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and French.

In 2015, the European Travel Commission recontracted with MMGY Global and the Travel Consul network for more content development.  MMGY extended its content strategy by developing an additional 32 pieces of content for, translated into the six languages. Accompanying the 2015 content strategy, MMGY Global also produced a distribution plan that outlined the platforms and cadence at which the European Travel Commission would deploy the new content. 

Results launched at World Travel Market in London on November 4, 2014. To date, the website has been well received by stakeholders as well as the public. is now a place where countries become secondary to experiences, where inspiration takes precedence over transactions, and where storytelling provides momentum for travelers seeking a pan-European experience. 

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