Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts commissioned MMGY to develop and implement primary marketing research that would illuminate an insight about how the recession of 2008 had changed consumer vacation planning and buying habits. MMGY conducted a national survey of 4,600 adults, of which nearly 80% had taken a vacation to celebrate a special occasion before. A deep analysis of the motivations revealed these vacations were viewed as an appropriate way to either recognize or reward those events. As such, MMGY labeled them “Celebration Vacations.” Armed with this insight, the Disney marketing team created a promotion for the most frequently cited Celebration Vacation: milestone birthdays. The promotion offered guests free admission to any Disney theme park on their birthday. The campaign was declared one of the most successful in Disney’s history: over 3,000,000 guests registered their birthday online with the intention of visiting one of the Disney parks during the promotional period.


The national advertising campaign was supported through a multimillion television, print and online campaign in major consumer media.