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Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Chris Pomeroy

Have you noticed how some people have the gift of the gab and tell a great story with ease? Are you tired of listening to presentations that are full of charts, graphs and data that can put you to sleep?

It is easy for travel and tourism marketers to do what is comfortable and report the facts, figures and findings without truly getting the message across with emotional appeal. No one likes to hear tourism “data garble” – it bores us to death and leaves us asking “so what?”

New on the blog, Ron Caughlin of Travel Consul partner agency RadonicRodgers Strategy+ dives into the effectiveness that communications can have when the data is expressed using old-fashioned intuition that piques the attention of your audience.

Our Travel Consul network is an international travel marketing alliance consisting of advertising, brand strategy, PR, digital, media and marketing firms spread across the globe – all specializing in travel. Collectively, it's our goal to make it easier than ever to market your brand beyond your borders and across oceans.

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