Brands That Travel: Data and the Future of Travel Marketing with Terry Jones

Tuesday, May 05, 2015 Clayton Reid

Major online players, especially in the travel space, have now been collecting data on travelers for many years. It's not just Facebook, the OTAs and Google who track online behaviors, but also many third-party content management systems, enterprise software platforms and analytics systems are starting to move into personalization and localization. So where is the promise of how this granular data can both improve the traveler shopping and booking experience as well as connect marketers to their best customers more strategically?

One of the true pioneers in travel joined us for a discussion about this as well as other issues of progress in travel marketing. Terry Jones founded Travelocity and led Kayak through its explosive growth and ultimate sale to Priceline Group, and he has some specific ideas about where the industry is headed next and what opportunity exists for travel innovators. From the hope of new, contextual search to why big travel suppliers seem to lack the ability to progress around content personalization, watch how Terry and our group of panelists explore the subject on Brands That Travel

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